The International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) organised meetings and training activities with the Directorate General of the General Security (GS) from 27 to 31 of August 2018 to test and review the newly designed draft training module on gender and border management.

Activities were based on workshops previously conducted with GS (March 2018) as part of the technical assistance project Swiss Support to IBM Lebanon, which led to the design of the training module being tested. A preparatory meeting was held at ICMPD offices in Beirut with 5 GS officers to follow up on the training module drafting process and to prepare for the training pilot tests that were conducted on August 28 and 31. The first was a pilot workshop attended by 5 GS officers and inspectors, from headquarters, regional departments and border crossing points. The training introduced participants to the concepts of gender, gender roles, gender stereotypes and how to mainstream gender into border management and advance gender equality at institutional level. A Training of Trainers was also conducted on August 31 for 11 GS trainers to test the training module and introduce necessary adjustments. Based on feedback received from trainees and trainers, ICMPD and GS evaluated the training and agreed on the final module.

These activities are part of the second set of activities implemented by ICMPD to support GS in developing its capacities to implement a rights-based and gender-responsive approach to border management and migration.