On August 30th, 2018, staff members from the ICMPD office in Beirut were invited to monitor a multi-agency exercise led by the Lebanese Armed Forces in cooperation with ISF, GS, Civil Defense and Red Cross in the area of Chadra close to the Syrian Border.

Representatives from Embassies and international organizations and high ranking officials from the participating Agencies were also in attendance.

The scenario was three fold:

  • A large number of migrants were crossing the Syrian border and crossing into the Lebanese territory
  • There was a terrorist threat near the border with an ambush on Security forces
  • There was a possibility that migrants are contaminated with chemicals

The objective was to demonstrate the different functions of the agencies during the implementation of this scenario and the coordination among them. The LAF had the first contact with the migrants, the chemical division of LAF installed a field decontamination bay, the Red Cross opened a field hospital to check the health status of these migrants and was supported by Civil Defense and the ISF transported healthy migrants into the compound for further procedures with GS.