Press release

Beirut on August 7, 2018 - The International Centre for Migration Policy Development ICMPD hosted a delegation from the Jordanian Borders and Residency Department (BRD) of the Public Security Directorate (PSD), and the Jordanian Customs Department that included Col. Khader Al Khattab (Director, Borders and Residency Department), Col. Maher Amoush (Chief, Amman Civil Airport Border Control Point), Col. Maen Khasawneh (Chief, Al Karameh Border Crossing Point), Maj. Mahmoud Freihat (Chief, Public Relations Department, BRD) and Col. Mohammad Al Nsour (Chief, Jaber Border Crossing Point Customs Department).

The visit aims to familiarize the delegation with the EU-funded project Integrated Border Management Project in Lebanon (IBM Lebanon), implemented by ICMPD since 2012, and to get to know the work of ICMPD with the beneficiary agencies working on border management and control in Lebanon.

The meeting was attended by representatives of the Lebanese agencies and apparatuses benefiting from the project, namely the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF), the Directorate General of the Security General (DGSG), the Internal Security Forces (ISF), the Lebanese Customs Administration (LCA), and Lebanese Civil Defence (LCD). A summary of their activities was presented as part of the IBM Lebanon project, focusing on the role of the Border Control Committee (BCC) of the Lebanese Army regarding coordination between the concerned agencies and donors, as well as common training on border management conducted at the Central Training Center at Rayak Air Base in Bekaa.

In the same context, ICMPD will organize field visits for the Jordanian delegation to Rafic Hariri International Airport, Tripoli Port, Al Arida border crossing point, Masnaa border crossing point and the Central Training Center at Rayak Air Base.

The delegation will participate in a Border Control Committee meeting, which will be devoted to exchanging expertise and addressing border issues of common interest between the two countries.