The International Centre for Migration Policy Development-ICMPD organized a seminar on forged travel and identification documents on November 28 November 2017 in its office in Beirut within the framework of the EU - funded technical assistance project Enhanced Capability For Integrated Border Management in Lebanon (IBM Lebanon)

Two expert officers from the Directorate General of the General Security (GS) delivered a comprehensive presentation on Syrian, Palestinian and Iraqi travel documents, and the new Lebanese passport and forged Schengen visas to an audience of consular/visa staff and immigration liaison officers from the European Embassies, representatives of diplomatic missions in Beirut, the Lebanese Armed Forces (LAF) and the Internal Security Forces (ISF).

GS experts have previously delivered a similar presentation to FRONTEX, the Polish Border Guard, the Cyprus Police, the UK Sovereign Base Area Customs and Police (Cyprus), but also at the Secure Document World Conference in 2016.

The presentation was an opportunity for GS experts and the audience to exchange information regarding their activities. The level of interest reflected by the questions of the audience revealed that the IBM Lebanon Project became a reference among international community.