From 26th  to 30th November 2018 the Netherlands Assistance to Lebanese Border Agencies (IBM) project conducted a Border Investigations course to 15 participants from the Lebanese Armed Forces and General Security. Delivered by a joint Royal Netherlands Marechausse and Netherlands National Police team, and held at the LAF Central Training Centre (CTC), Rayak, the training developed skill-sets for dynamic and static border crime scene management, investigation and data gathering. Benefiting from the active involvement of staff from the CTC , the course was very practically focused with several live exercises consolidating theoretical knowledge. Such training will necessarily gain in importance as LAF and others increasingly address evolving border and migration-related crimes.

On 14th November 2018 the Netherlands Assistance to Lebanese Border Agencies (IBM) project delivered a lecture to 65 staff and students from the Lebanese University, Centre of Languages and Translation. Delivered by the project's national staff, the lecture discussed the realities of working in international organisations in order to prepare students, over 90% of whom are women, for their impending emergence onto the job market. Funded by the Netherlands and implemented by ICMPD, this activity was another demonstration of efforts to improve engagement with Lebanese youth and academia in tandem with ongoing state agency-focused capability building.

ICMPD organised a study visit for 4 officers from Lebanese Armed Forces, Internal Security Forces, General Security and Lebanese Customs Administration at the Romanian Border Police, from October 29 to November 2 on Border Control and Surveillance, within the framework of European Union Funded Project Integrated Border Management in Lebanon (IBM Lebanon).

ICMPD continues its assistance to the Lebanese Customs Administration (LCA) and other border agencies in the implementation of modern trade facilitation tools in-line with  international standards, through the European Union (EU) funded project Enhanced Capability for Integrated Border Management in Lebanon.

Recently, the International Centre for Migration Policy Development (ICMPD) conducted training for the Lebanese Civil Defense (LCD) as part of the EU funded project Enhanced Capability for Integrated Border Management in Lebanon (IBM) Lebanon). The training of week 1 took place at the LCD station at Masna’a border crossing point (BCP) and was entitled Safe Operating of Rescue Equipment Instruction. LCD personnel from Masna’a were trained in the following skills

Through the ICMPD Contingency Planning for Border Emergencies support activities in Lebanon, a first meeting was held to establish a Health & Safety (H&S) Committee for the Masna’a border crossing point (BCP). The Committee will be made up of representatives of General Security (GS), Lebanese Customs Administration (LCA) and Lebanese Civil Defense (LCD). The Committee will work on the  development of H&S at the BCPs, an important change towards providing a safer environment for all users – travelers, staff and private sector. First aid, trauma and firefighting equipment, procured by ICMPD with funding from the European Union will be installed with appropriate training given to key members of staff.

From 15th to 26th October an E-Doc Masterclass course was conducted in Eindhoven, the Netherlands for 9 participants from the main Lebanese border agencies (LAF, ISF, GS, and LCA). Organised and funded by the Netherlands Assistance to Lebanese Border Agencies project and delivered by IDcentre, a Frontex partnership academy, this was the first module of an expert-level document security course aligned to, and carrying certification for, EU and Frontex standards.

On 12th October representatives from the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Hague, conducted a visit to the Central Training Centre (CTC) for Border Management located at the Rayak Military Air Base. Accompanied by representatives of the Netherlands embassy in Beirut the group toured the CTC facilities, observed live tactical training exercises run by the British Army assistance programme and received a presentation by ICMPD staff on the current and planned work of the Netherlands-funded Netherlands Assistance to Lebanese Border Agencies component of the Enhanced Capability for Integrated Border Management in Lebanon (IBM Lebanon) project.